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The Unhappy Cat

Taut is a very unhappy cat. A very unhappy cat indeed. Her beginning itself was an unhappy one. She was part of the first litter of her parents, who were siblings. Her father had short, rough fur of white and orange stripes, reminiscent of a tiger. Her mother had soft, silky, sooty hair. So she got her mother’s luxuriant fur but in her father’s ginger tones. Maybe that’s why her mother didn’t take her for her own?


Now anyone who knows anything about ginger cats will tell you that most of them are males. And so it was that Taut and her ginger-haired sibling were thought to be males when they came into this world. Her sibling died within a week – most probably out of shock that Taut was a she and not a he…Or due to lack of mother’s care. One will never know.

Her mother was a placid Sphinx-eyed diva who just wasn’t prepared to take on the burdens of motherhood. Oh it would never do, you see. She had to maintain her position as the top female feline in her neighbourhood. She was much in demand at all the midnight soirĂ©es where all the tomcats would vie for her attention.

And so it was that eventhough Taut was still a mewling kitten, her mother started staying out more and more. She looked upon the poor helpless kitten as more of an impediment to the good times – her good times.

But what surprised everyone all round was that her father started staying back at night instead of being up to his usual tomcat antics. He played with her. Mewed at her. Bathed her. And for a short while, Taut was happy. Very happy indeed.

But as with all good things, these too came to pass. Her mom was having kittens with the largest, meanest ginger tomcat in the neighbourhood. She was on top of the scratching post, so to speak.

Tensions rose between Taut’s parents day by day. They reached a peak when her mom finally brought the two ginger kittens home. Her father started staying out more and more till one day he never came back.

And Taut? Well, like I said. Taut is a very unhappy cat. A very unhappy cat indeed.


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It is almost 2 years since I have been able to blog. Today when I finally opened my WordPress account, I came across a piece tucked away in the Draft folder, written during my mother’s hospitalization…

I stare at my mother’s swollen hands, half obscured by the bandages wound around her arms to stanch the ooze. These soft and warm hands that had bathed me, fed me, spanked me, steadied me as I took my baby steps. Oh, what I wouldn’t give now to be caressed by them as before!

My mother’s calloused hands were always doing something. If they weren’t busy cooking, they would be washing an endless line of crystal and china after all those countless parties my father had to give. I miss her cooking most of all as she hadn’t been able to enter the kitchen for over 3 years.

You don’t realize how much a mother’s hands have given till they stop scratching your head the way you like or snuggle your aching heart. But these hands now sleep as does their owner. Hopefully when they wake, they will seek me again… Such is a child’s tender hope!

The Hands That Always Gave...

The Hands That Always Gave…

Despite the countless prayers and the sleepless nights holding her hands, she got worse. Finally, she got her wish to go back to her house. She was happy to be where she had wanted to be all along – Home, a place that had always been her world.

Near the end, her hands were only signaling the lack of oxygen flow, dizziness or searing pain. She was stubbornly holding on to Life, not for herself, but because she had to live – for me. Such is a Mother’s Love – Selfless, Enduring and True…

After the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, her pain lessened and she stopped moaning. I whispered to her that night that it was alright to let go. That Jesus would always keep me safe, for her sake.

She died peacefully the next day. It was a miracle as I always had nightmares that she would be gasping for breath in her final moments as her lungs gave out.

My mother’s hands, that once had strengthened me, had a Rosary wound around them, readying her for her final journey on this earth. But at that time, all I could think was –

How will I live now, Mom? Bereft of your hugs. Bereft of your caresses.

The desolation echoes hollowly right to the pit of my soul.

None can love like you did – from the depths of your core…

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